Send it in a Snaaaap.

Communication with infinite possibilities

Awesome features with easy setup

Our faster, robust and timeless system is power packed with cool features and hassle free setup.

All in one form

PickCell combines the most popular methods of keeping in touch in one powerful, easy to use form. Send push notifications to your app users, SMS text messages to your contacts, and blast emails to your notifications lists – the choice is yours.

Easy View Dashboard

Pickcell’s easy to use dashboard allows users to manage all of their messaging needs from the one interface. From push notifications, SMS text messages, to email blasts. View status & statistics, manage your credits and check how customers are doing performance tracking.

Powerful and Flexible API

A developer friendly API allows you to control your messaging using web standards like REST API and JSON data structures. Take full control of your messaging needs, and seamlessly integrate into your solution. Get connect with your own system.

Exquisitely Scalable

Sustainable and scalable system is the core ingredient of any powerful system. Pickcell’s amazingly scalable backend covered that all. Whether you have one customer or you have millions of customers, we have covered that all. Scale system and reach your customers in no time.

Autopilot Everything

Pickcell provides modern scheduling options to reach customers in perfect moment. With personalized and automated messages you can relax and let the system works for you 24x7. Just set it and forget it, all customers will be notified at same moment.

Reusable Templates

Whether its SMS text messaging or email, you don’t type and design everything everytime. That’s why we at Pickcell gives special mansion to save and reuse all your messages. Save them as templates. Create - Save - Reuse.

Personal Service & Expert Technical Support.

With over 30 years of combined experience in enterprise and web integrations, mobile development and technologies, and cloud management and infrastructure, the team at Pickcell are here to support you and your business.

Make your customers happy and keep notified all the time.

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